Ensign Charlie Hicks

Name Charlie Hicks Jr

Position Assistant Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign


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Wed Aug 17th, 2016 @ 1:27pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 150
Hair Color Bold
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Hicks is an old man with an old body. He is bold and years have aged his skin from what could have been a fit man at one time. He is always leaning over heavy on a cane. Has no facial hair, light grey eyebrows. His eyes are tired and very sad. His right leg is badly burned and scared.


Spouse Jessica Hicks (deceased)
Children Charlie Hicks III (deceased)
Sara Hicks (deceased)
Sam Hicks (deceased)

Ruth Hicks (deceased)
Jesse Hicks (deceased)
Father Charlie Hicks Sr (deceased)
Mother Ruth Hicks (deceased)
Brother(s) Bobby Hicks (deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hicks is genital, caring, loving man who would give his shirt off his back to help someone. He is old, always tired and moves very slow. Walks with a cane which is made of melted metal. Can’t see very well and his right leg is badly injured causing him a lot of pain the longer he is standing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Great listener, wise, caring, loving and understanding.

Old, always tired, falls asleep easy, very slow, not strong, can't fight.
Ambitions Seeking forgiveness for the loss of his family
Hobbies & Interests Reading the Bible

Personal History Charlie Hicks was born into a very successful family that was rich. When he was fourteen years old he meet a preacher of the Christian faith and after going to the church he decided to become a preacher. His family didn't support this and though he would grow out of the old teachings but by twenty he left home to travel space to learn more about Jesus Christ and preached his messages to the people. His family disowned him and his bother stop talking to him altogether. By his thirties he meet his wife and they fell deep in love. Hicks started a church a colony planet and lived a very simple life while his brother continued the family business. Hicks had three children and who each fallowed in Hicks footsteps and each started their own churches on other colonies. After fifty years of separation his brother requested him to join his family on Earth for a family reunion. Hicks took his whole family to the reunion.

Hicks, his family, his brother and his brothers family were returning from the union and heading to the family house when the pilot had a heart attack causing the airship crashed into the ocean. Most of the family on both sides died on impact but Hicks, and his granddaughter. Hicks had to push his wife who had a support beam through the chest, and had she not been laying her head on his chest it would have been his chest the beam would have hit, off him and reached for his granddaughter who was crying from the pain in her arm were a door had crushed her elbow down.

As he was about to reach her the ship sank and shifted causing Hicks to be tossed into a wall where a support beam on fire crushed his right leg pinning him to the wall. He tried with all his strength but to no use had to watch as this scared, and in pain little girl screamed while the waters continued to rise up and covered her face.

When the First Responders arrived they were only able to save Hicks. The first responders crafted a cane for Hicks from the support beam that killed his wife. He was offered by the doctors a way to get back the use of his leg and take away the pain but he refused the treatment. After burying his whole family and his brothers family he joined Star Fleet to start a new journey away from what he had done his whole life until the day he can join his family in Heaven.