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Posted on Thu Sep 1st, 2016 @ 5:36am by Lieutenant JG Tom Bowman
Edited on Thu Sep 1st, 2016 @ 5:49am

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Bowman, Corp of Exploration and Discovery, Personal Log

Stardate Five Nine Four Nine Nine,,,,, Ah Bollacks! It’s Sunday, August 8th the year of our Lord Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Ought Eight

It’s has now been one year, and forty-six days since I’ve been seconded to the Federation’s Starfleet by orders of the Right Honorable Phantly Roy Bean, MP House of Commons, Representative of the Outer Belt and Moons, Knight of the Holy Order of Water Buffalo and a Boil on the Underside of my Bloody Ball Sack.

Apologies Roy, I hope you’re still fighting the good fight with pen and speech, giving those Toffs theirs for once.

Anyway Medical Update;

I’ve been cleared for fight status, the miracles of modern medicine.

The ocular implant isn’t giving me a headache anymore. It’s been upgraded to the latest model. Supposedly it has almost all the functions of a standard PADD. Not too sure how I feel about being able to pick up “WiFi.” Just hope those Core bastards don’t try and confiscate it when I get rotated home.

Shoulder feels good, hell the docs took care of all my joints, no more arthritis. One of them, a Betazoid wanted to write a paper on me, I guess the idea of artificially inducing bone density fascinated them, or horrified, hard to tell.

The docs reckon my lungs are working at 85 to 90% of their function before my infamous EVA. Fortunately, they told me, because I grew up in a low pressure environment, they still work better than most humans.

Most HUMANS, still can’t get use to that. If you told me two years ago I’d be over 600 light years from home teaching creatures I never dreamed existed how to chase sensor ghosts,,,,,,, The universe’s so much bigger now. And I’ve seen things, how these people work together. Care for one another.

Makes us seem awkward, backward by comparison. All our petty bickering, Core against the border planets, everyone screwing over us belters when they get the chance. The Black & Tans, Brown Coats, the Green Sleeves. So proud, the last vestiges of humanity we were. Escaping ‘Earth that was’ all used up and dying. ‘Noble Explorers’ More like scared children, running out the party leaving others to clean up the mess. We’re so small, parochial. Looking at our distant cousins, I see how we could be so much more.

I don’t know, maybe I finally drank the fruit punch. Hell, Maybe I’ve changed? There’s a scary thought. Am I the same man that left Proteus? At the core I hope so, I really liked that man. Well I guess we’ll see how much or how little tomorrow night, won’t we.

That’s when Caleb and Katie are due in. Can’t say I’m not nervous. Haven’t seen the little squint since he visited me in hospital. Mum said he’s grown like a weed, Katie too by the sound of it. Little sister becoming a woman behind my back? Don’t know if I’ll allow that.

Anyway have to turn in. Have to meet Brian on the morning. The Commodore wants me to go over the shuttle modifications again. Wants to be sure they’re as tough as my crash boats. Told him he wouldn’t be disappointed.

End Log


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