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Routine Exam

Posted on Tue Oct 22nd, 2019 @ 5:57pm by Lieutenant Annalise Harrington & Ensign Mavuu
Edited on on Mon Oct 28th, 2019 @ 6:16pm

Mission: Hope
Location: Harrington's office
Timeline: After "Sudden change"

"Welcome Ensign Mavuu, I don't believe we have met yet. I am Counselor Harrington the Sirona's new counselor." Annalise said, as she watched Mavuu enter her office.

Nodding, Mavuu took a seat on the edge of a nearby chair and said "It is nice to meet you Counselor. I am here as ordered for my intake psychological exam with you, as consistent with regulations. I am eager to conclude this session quickly as I have a number of projects in engineering I am working on at the moment."

"I appreciate your honesty, I will try to be expedient in the process." Annalise started to tell her. "Don't think of this as a psychological exam, more of a chance to express your feelings, my goal is your emotional and mental stability." Annalise told her, trying to get her to get rid of that word, 'examination.' Her primary focus was not stamping approved for work on each of the crew. Her primary focus was to the crew, and establishing stability on the ship. This crew had been through alot.

Nodding, Mavuu replied "I understand Counselor. However, I am not sure exactly what to say during this meeting. As you may know, my people are not known for being overly, shall we say, emotional. We prefer facts and knowledge. I apologize in advance if I come off as, what I've been accused of in the past, cold."

"I am well aware, but as counselor, I have to look past your comforts, and social niceties. It's my job, to make assessments, and present them to Starfleet. This crew, has been through, quite an ordeal. Mandatory evaluations, are necessary." Annalise said, being direct with Mavuu, but in a calm tone.

Sighing, Mavuu replied "I will comply Counselor. What do you want to know? I can assure you that I am handling everything that has happened as well I can. My duties keep me busy, so I don't spend a lot of time focusing on the negative memories."

"When you are not attending to your duties, how do you unwind, how do you cope with it all?" Annalise asked, hoping to get through this assessment in record time. She had to many to do, and a very short time, to get them all completed.

Mavuu was a bit shocked at her reaction to the counselor's innocent question. Taking a moment to think about how to respond, she said "I'm sorry Counselor. I don't know how to answer that. I have never given much thought to unwinding as you put it. I simply rest and eat when I'm not on duty, and spend time reading up on reports of new technologies. I don't think I've ever actually thought about just relaxing and processing difficult experiences."

"I see, well if you are willing, we can work on that." Annalise said. She did not want see Mavuu fail this assessment. She wanted to help her succeed, and have a bright career in Starfleet.

Nodding, Mavuu took a moment to compose herself and answered "I would like to do so Counselor. During one of our last missions, Commander Barnett suggested I work on my... approach as well. I tend to be a bit, you could say, pushy about my opinions and sometimes feel my expertise isn't being used to the full potential."

"I would say, you are more direct, than pushy. But we can explore that too if you like." Annalise told her. Her job was not to remove the crew, but to assess them and help them cope and move on, from all the traumatic experiences.

Taking a breath to compose herself, which was an unsettling experience in itself, Mavuu replied "I would like that Counselor. I appreciate your help in advance."

"Well that's all I have, anything you like to talk about or questions you may have?" Annalise asked her, in a calm voice.

Shaking her head, Mavuu replied "No Counselor. I look forward to working with you on the items we discussed. If there is nothing else, I should get back to Engineering."

"Dismissed Ensign." Annalise said, as she watched her leave the counselors office. She was grateful for officers like Mavuu. The ship could use more of them. Mavuu was handling the stress very well. The scene starts to fade.


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