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Return to the wolfs lair.

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 11:42pm by Lieutenant Annalise Harrington

Mission: Hope
Location: Chief Counsellors Office
Timeline: Current

As good as his word, Kevin, once his reports for the Captain had been completed and his duties allowed him, contacted the ships Chief Counsellor.

"Lieutenant Kilbane to Lieutenant Harrington, I said I'd let you know when I was available for you to continue your questioning of myself" Kevin began "I've finished the reports and I have time right now if it's convenient for you?" he finished.

Annalise was not very busy at the moment. She was completing her report on one of the engineering personal, she had been working with. "I have time now, if you are not busy?" She said over the comm channel.

"I will be at your office presently Lieutenant" Kevin replied.

A few minutes later, he arrived at the Chief Councillors office, pressed the door chime and waited.

Annalise walked over to the door. "Good to see you again, Lieutenant." She said, as she motioned with her hand, for Kevin to walk in. "Please choose a seat." She called out in a friendly tone.

"Thank you Lieutenant" Kevin replied, entering as he was bid. He looked around the room, decided on which seat to sit on and sat down.

"This should not take very long, you seem to be favor the direct approach, to questions. Would you say that is accurate?" Annalise asked him, tryig to catch him a little off guard, and get him to open up. She did not want him, rehearsing his answers.

Kevin immediately felt the Chief Councillor was going on the offensive, something he found surprising, but he didn't let it show he remained calm and open minded.

"I admit I'm fairly direct Lieutenant, yes" Kevin replied, waiting for the next attack on his character, mannerisms or duty performance.

Annalise jotted down a couple of notes, about him being very direct. "Why did you join Starfleet? Sounds like you have a lucrative career opportunities back home." She asked him. She was curious to learn more.

"Lucrative?" Kevin asked, slightly puzzled "how do you mean Lieutenant?"

"Lord Kilbane, does have a nice title to it, and some lucrative perks, does it not?" Annalise, asked him. Getting rid of the dead elephant topic, in the room.

And there it was, the pettiness he'd had to endure all his life simply because he had a title in his name.

"I see, because I have a title in my name, something I'm entitled to use by Starfleet regulations as I've checked, you just automatically assume I have lucrative perks" Kevin answered, keeping a calm tone and facial expression "Could I ask you to go into detail as to what you personally think those perks are, and why you think just because I have a title, I'd have any at all?"

Annalise just gave a grim smile. She thought to herself. 'When challenged, he likes to switch the topic, onto the person asking the questions.' She could understand, why he was doing it. But it was counter productive to their meeting. "Why did you join Starfleet, Lieutenant?"

"No, no, no Lieutenant" Kevin answered, still remaining very calm "please can I ask you to not just side step and ignore my question. You made an assumption that because I have a title in my name, it somehow means you think I have 'perks', and 'lucrative' ones at that. I'd really like to know what 'lucrative perks' you think having Lord before Kilbane entitles me to?"

"Interesting how you took that as an assumption. In which regards, do you see me saying its a perk, is in any way, an assumption based on your character. Every position regardless of title, has perks, does it not. Being a nobility ranking member of your society, would entitle you to certain perks would they not? In Starfleet, our perks may not be as lucrative. Now in all fairness, this question was designed, to see how you would respond. All my questions today, are designed to illicit responses from you. They are not personal on my part." She told him in a calm and collected voice.

"Actually Lieutenant, you yourself would have had to formulate the question yourself, shape or word it, unless it's a standard question you ask every crew member who comes through your door who has a title in their name...and I'd imagine that's most likely a very very small number of crew indeed, so yes, you formed an opinion, consciously or unconsciously, because you wanted to provoke a reaction, or see if a reaction would be forthcoming" Kevin replied, still remaining very calm.

"Can you even hear yourself when you say things like 'In Starfleet, our perks may not be as lucrative', as if you're setting yourself and Starfleet apart from myself simply because I have a title before my surname? Not every position in life has perks, take someone who works in waste extraction, what perks do they have, unless you call being covered in shit all day a perk. Someone who's unfortunately suffered a mental or physical breakdown, what perks do they have, unless you call the treatment that they may be receiving to help them is a 'perk'" he added, still calm.

He looked down at the floor, now unable to keep eye contact with the officer next to him "Unfortunately, I simply don't believe you when you say that it's not personal on your part, as I said before, you have to formulate how you ask those questions and you've been deliberately provocative in your remarks and in your assumptions regarding myself and the fact I have a title and I find that degrading and humiliating. If the response you're looking for is to degrade and humiliate members of this crew, you've achieved it and I'm most certainly going to enter this into my personal log and also my report to the Captain." he finished.

"Have you always been this confrontational?" She asked, ignoring his comment about reporting her to the captain. She had a job to do, and he was not asking the right questions. She decided, it might be best to throw him a bone. "My questions are geared around, arousing a spark out of you. This crew has been through a lot. A lot of near death experiences, and you have lost crew along the way. While you may not approve of my questions or methods, there is a place and a time for them. And this happens to be the place and the time." She said, still using a low and monotone sounding voice.

"You mistake confrontational for being defensive Counsellor" Kevin replied "You just sullied my character and now you're trying to get out of that by using your duty as an excuse, no, you're not being helpful, you're being exactly the opposite. I'll put that aside for one moment however as I'd like to ask you a serious question, how many combat situations have you been in, not Academy or holodeck simulations, real combat situations?"

In a calm voice, and a relaxed body posture, Annalise decided to fill in in a little bit. Hoping that his confused state of mind, would be willing to settle down. So she can complete her assessment. "Lieutenant Kilbane, this is an assessment. I have been ordered, to preform on the entire crew. If you feel this is a personal attack on your character, rest assure it is not. I have no ill feelings or predetermined notions about you. My job is to assess your mental state of mind." Annalise told him, almost sounding very robotic in her response, with her calm and monotone style voice. She knew from training to control a situation, and deescalate, you need to be calm and collected.

"I make no apologies Lieutenant" Kevin said calmly "that's just baloney and you know it. You opened a can of worms in your assessment of me, intimating that I have 'lucrative perks' simply because I have a title before my name. Now you're trying to walk that back that offensive intimation by hiding behind your duty and thinking I'll back away and leave it at that. Unfortunately for me, you're very adept at not really wanting to answer any questions I ask, again, to me, hiding behind your duty as an excuse. It seems strange to me that you avoid questions, yet you think I need to answer yours."

Still remaining calm, he stood up and said "From my perspective Counsellor Harrington, that's not a very good way for you to have me gain your trust or feel in any way inclined to open up to you or answer any questions you put to me, in fact, it makes me feel the very opposite. Your lack of openness gives me the feeling that I can't trust you, with anything. I mean no disrespect in what I'm about to say, but unless you wish to have me placed under arrest Lieutenant, or you recommend that I'm immediately taken off active service and that order's followed through, I'm afraid time is up for me meeting with you as I'm required to return to duty in order to submit a report to Starfleet Security."

Annalise waited for him to leave, and the submitted her report, suggesting for him to pulled off active duty. And recommended further medical evaluations. The scene fades.


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