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Your presense is missed

Posted on Mon Oct 28th, 2019 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Captain Batai Dhej
Edited on on Mon Oct 28th, 2019 @ 6:16pm

Mission: Hope
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After "Routine Exam"

A short amount of time had passed since Elsie had seen Batai. She had spent most of her time on the bridge, seeing after the day to day operations of the ship. While the captain started to recoup. He was back, but he was not cleared yet to return to duty. She knew Phaedra, would insist on him healing first. She walked into sickbay, with a list of the daily activity. "How did your call go with the Admiral?" Elsie asked, as she handed him the pad.

Batai looked up from the chair he was sitting on doing some leg exercises and took the padd. Sitting it on a table beside him he replied "It went better than I thought. She was very interested to know what happened to me over there, and what affect it could have on our universe. She has however ordered the details of the mission to be classified, and only to be discussed among our crew."

"How is the exercising going? Did Doctor Phaedra, say how long you would be in sickbay?" Elsie asked, as she reached over to give him a padd, she had in her hand. The padd, was an update on the USS Sirona, and her operating procedures.

Looking over to her as he shifted in his chair, Batai replied "The exercises are going ok, but they are frustrating. I just want to be back on duty, but that is still a bit off for now. Doctor Phaedra says I'm progressing well, but hasn't given me a clear release date yet."

"Things are well here, well mostly." Elsie said, wondering if she should tell him that Kevin failed his assessment. He needed to work on his recovery. Elsie was very torn, on what to do.

Knowing her well enough to know that she was hiding something from him, maybe to try to shield him from more stress, he turned to her slightly and said "What happened Elsie? I know you well enough to know when you aren't telling me everything."

"Lieutenant Kilbane did not pass his assessment, he is being recalled to Starfleet Medical, for further assessment." Elsie said, just putting it out there, and hoping that Batai, was able to process it, all at once. He did ask, what was going on. And he was still the Captain.

Taking a moment to absorb the news, Batai replied quietly "I am sorry to hear that Elsie. He is a good officer, I hope things go well for him. Is there anything else I should know?" He hoped there wasn't anything else, but he had to know, even though he wasn't back to duty, he wanted to be involved if he could.

"Well in a sense of good news, no special rifts have been detected. It appears, the mirror universe, is no longer pursuing us." Elsie pointed out, hoping that brought him a little comfort, and not triggered an episode. She was a little hesitant to bring it up, but he did ask.

Nodding, he replied "Thank goodness for that. I'm hopeful that with the information we gathered from our experiences over there, especially about the rifts, will help Starfleet develop ways to detect and stop them. The admiral requested all of our relevant information so it can be added to what we know of the mirror universe." Even though he tried to come off as composed, he could feel himself tensing at her mention of the other universe. He'd been trying to avoid thinking about it, which he knew wasn't healthy, but it was all he could do to keep himself from breaking down again.

"I will transmit our data logs to command, at our next communique with them. How is your recovery going?" Elsie asked, knowing he was hating it. But Phaedra, was just being careful. And rightfully so.

Smiling very slightly, he replied "It's going ok. Phaedra says that hopefully soon I'll be able to walk without the cane. Thankfully the other injuries have mostly healed, though I'm still a bit sore in places." He tried to project a positive tone, to try to hide the emotional pain he was still suffering. He knew he could trust her, but something was keeping him from letting her know what he was feeling.

Elsie put her hand on his. "Take all the time you need Captain, the crew is here for you. All of us." She said, with a warm hearted smile on her face. She hated to see the Captain suffering like this. She knew he would need time to heal. While he was, she would see to the operational needs of the USS Sirona.

Nodding, Batai replied "I know, and I appreciate that. However, we have received new mission orders, and I think its time for me to officially let the senior staff know what's going on with me. I don't think Phaedra will let me leave Sickbay right now, so can you ask everyone to assemble for a meeting in the medical lounge?"

"I'll muster the crew together, Captain. When would you like us to head over to the medical lounge?" Elsie asked, hoping he would rest first. He looked so far out of it.

Looking up to a nearby chronometer on the nearby wall, he replied "Make it 3 hours. I want to try to freshen up a bit and try to get my thoughts together properly." Pausing, he added "I know you're worried about me, and I won't lie to you that I'm doing that great with all of this, but we have a job to do, and I will help us do it in whatever way I can."

"In three hours then." Elsie said, knowing deep down, it was to soon for him to return. But he was stubborn, and driven. She wanted to tell him to rest, but she knew it would fall on deaf ears. She instead, decided to support him. She needed to talk to her two most senior officers, she would need their help, in helping Batai. The scene starts to fade away.


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