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Sudden changes

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 11:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett & Lieutenant JG Byron Coleman
Edited on on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 11:43pm

Mission: Hope
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: After "Return to the wolfs lair"

"I really have no idea what in the hell Starfleet is doing?" Elsie said, as she watched Kevin walk out of the ready room. She had called for Bryon to enter the ready room of Captain Dhej. She was still the acting captain, until Captain Dhej was medically cleared.

“Wait...what,” Byron was shocked. “What happened with Kevin? I mean of course I’ll take it but I’m concerned about him.” He liked to think they had formed the beginnings of a friendship.

"He did not pass his assessment, he is being recalled back to Starfleet. This is the second time, they have recalled him. First to deal with a situation with his homeworld, now for this, Sadly we can not wait for him, we need not move forward." Elsie said, as she looked to Byron. "Since the counselor is pre occupied, I am making you acting first officer. Will that be a problem?" Elsie asked him.

“Not at all,” Byron realized this was all business. “I am up to the task.” She was in full command mode and he needed to respond in kind to show he was capable of separating their friendship from professional.

"Glad to hear it, I have updated your permissions, please remember this is only temporary. Once Captain Dhej, is back on his feet, you will resume your duties as Chief Control Flight Officer." Elsie said, wanting to confirm he knew this was temporary. But a good step for his career.

“I understand,” Byron murmured. “I am a team player and I will help wherever I can. I want the captain back as much as the next person.” He looked her directly in the eyes. “I am honored to be given this temporary position and I get it and will be happy to return to my position in flight.”

"This could be good for us, especially for you. Maybe put you inline for a second officer position, down the road. Not sure what is going to happen with Counselor Harrington, if she will stay after the assessments. But this will show Starfleet, you are ready." Elsie said. She wondered, if he would choose his career again, over her. In some ways, this was a test. Even though, she did not want it to be. He deserved a chance, to follow his dreams.

“Accepting a permanent position would depend on many things,” Byron murmured. “I am not the same man I once was.” It was cryptic and he knew it but it was the truth. Time had changed him in many ways. If he was assessed today his answers to command would be different and those he gave long ago.

"What kind of things, this is a safe harbor. A chance to express yourself." Elsie said, wanting to be a friend to him, but she had a responsibility, as his superior, to consider his personal endeavours. Especially with command.

“There was a time I was driven by being the best and rising as high as I could, not concerned with friendships or being happy.” Byron wasn’t completely comfortable with this conversation. “Today if I were given the opportunity of a transfer I would more than likely say no.”

"Because of me?" Elsie asked, trying to figure out, why he was say no.

"As your commanding officer, I would suggest you look at all your all your options. As your friend, I would say stay. But the call is yours, and I am happy you like it here on the Sirona. I like having you hear too." Elsie said, with a big grin on her face.

“Life is too short to be driven by a career,” Byron replied. “I am a good flight officer and I like my job and my friends.”

"Don't you want your own command, someday?" Elsie asked him. Knowing if he did, he could not put his personal feelings a head of his career.

“Honestly.” Byron thought for a moment. “I don’t think I do.”

"Why is that?" Elsie asked, a little surprised by his response. Why did he change his mind.

“I want things that being a command officer would make difficult.” Byron explained. “We both know it’s difficult having a personal life while serving.”

"There are commands, where you can be together with a love one. Joint commands. Like on planets, starbases, support vessels." Elsie told him, trying to be fair to him.

“It will depend on the situation.” Byron countered. “I will not sacrifice those I love again. I want more.”

"That's sweet of you to say." Elsie told him, feeling really good about his answer. He had changed, and she liked that.

“It isn’t just words.” Byron continued. “It is how I feel.”

Elsie grabbed his hands, breaking protcol by doing so. "I know you feel that way, but I am doing my duty as your commanding officer. I needed to make sure, you knew you had options." She told him, with love filled eyes.

Byron smiled at her, loving she finally let go. “I want a family and I am willing to do what I have to and I want to see you in the captains chair, you deserve it.”

"Oh no no no, this is not about my career. If we are going to try this, we need to be fair to each other, and honest. The rest will work out." Elsie told him, with a big grin on her face. She liked his idea, but was not ready to say just yet.

“I am being honest,” Byron laughed. “I really don’t have the desire.”
He hugged her. “Elsie, I just want this to work.”

"It will, if we are being honest. I have no issues with you being Captain someday." Elsie suggest to him. She hugged him closely.

“How about this,” Byron said, savoring this moment. “When the time comes we will sit down and decide what is best for us.” He paused. “One thing though, I won’t be separated from you, that isn’t an option.”

"Good." She said with a big grin on her face, as the scene starts to fade away.


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